Thursday, January 31, 2008

Finally we have a Blog!!!!!

Gday all and welcome to the monkeygumboots blog.

Here you will find news on what is happening at monkey gumboots and you will be able to see a few sample images from each job we do.

Keep an eye on the blog for special offers too!!

We have just launched our Birthday Party packages. We figure parents are often so busy at their kids parties they rarely get a chance to pick up the camera and grab a few happy snaps. Well why not get us to come and document the occasion with a series of professional images which will last forever.

Below is 3 of my favorite pics from a shoot with a local Family. We had a great time down at the beach one afternoon last year and came back with some really nice photos for the family. Matteo is 4 next week so I'll be there at his party taking pictures for him. Congrats on being the first to take advantage of this new service monkeygumboots provides.

See you soon,