Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our First Competition

Well the first half of the year was very busy for the Monkey Gumboots team. It was our first first-half of a year and we loved every minute of it. Our birthday shoots were heaps fun, it’s been great to meet some beautiful families but perhaps the most popular of all has been our Fundraising shoots.
Overall our Fundraisers have generated over $2000 for the various Lady Gowrie centres we have been to;(with the biggest centres yet to come). Thankyou to all the staff and Children at Lady Gowrie for making our time at your centres so much fun.
Anyway, below are some photos of a few kids who were eligible to enter our first contest. Please feel free to vote for your favourite at the poll at the right hand side of the page. Do us a favour and only vote once yourself but feel free to ‘encourage’ your friends to place a vote too. The winner will receive a free 14 x 20” canvas of their photo.
We will let you all know who the winner is in 2 weeks.

Good Luck.