Monday, November 24, 2008


Well it's been so crazy at the Monkey Gumboots House that this Blog has been seriously neglected. For that, we are sorry. So we figure maybe we'll do a huge catch up Mega-Post today to let you know whats been happening in the world of Monkey gumboots.

Last week I took on the challenge of a double Family shoot. It was cold, windy and threatening rain but we pressed on and had a great time at Bellerive beach and the old Fort.

This is Taylah. Doesn't she look like my little girl Poppy?

Blake was very keen to give little Taylah a helping hand. Very cute.


Lily was at a fundraiser earlier in the year. Her family had me around to spend some time with them in the backyard and down the road at Cascades. You guys were so much fun. Thanks heaps.


This is Connor and his Little bro Bailey. I used to look after Connor back in my child-care days. He's one cool kid. Thanks Connor for showing me around your place and letting me play in your backyard.

By the end of the shoot Bailey got the munchies.


On a beautiful Spring day last month I caught up with gorgeous Family whose girls I had photographed at a fundraiser earlier in the year. After a quick play in their backyard we wandered down the road to the Botanical Gardens to hang out and roll in the grass.


That is some but not all of our recent family shoots. Keep an eye here for some pageant photos and this years last Fundraising Voting on your favourite photo competition to win a canvas thing as well as our Christmas/Summer Special and info about our membership with the ACOCP.

Thanks to all the above families for such great times and beautiful smiles.

Dean and the Monkey Gumboots Team.

(Mega Posts make my head hurt)

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